International Publisher Service. Marketing, consulting and intermediate resource service

Is based on 20 years experience in the sales and marketing of library related products.

This experience is based on a platform involving the most interesting and fastest growing markets in Europe and the Middle East. The driving force in these successes has been an excellent library, business and personal network. Based in Lund, Sweden, Zuzana Helinsky speaks Scandinavian and English languages, and being Czech born she also masters a variety of Slavonic languages including Russian. Zuzana speaks regularly at international conferences and lectures for seminars and business classes.

Zuzana Helinsky will improve your business results

• by increasing your presence in the library world.
• by providing you with services, which will increase and retain
library subscriptions in the above geographical areas.
• by making it possible to reach your full potential.
• by being available as an intermediate resource for specific projects
and tasks

Zuzana Helinsky offers services such as:

• Telemarketing
• Library visits
• Non-renewal follow-up
• Advertising sales
• Market research

Your result

Feedback information will significantly increase your knowledge about what exactly library customers appreciate and request. Also it will improve your library customer relationship