Course in marketing at the library


To market your library better and more proactively both to the academic community as a whole and to your own university hierarchy.
To give library staff an insight into internal and external marketing
To give some concrete tips and advice about your library structure and routines

From the course content:

Introduction to Marketing Concept


a. The productive company
b. The selling company
c. The customer service company

Parallels between the commercial company and the library



a. Strengths
b. Weaknesses
c. Opportunities
d. Threats


Targeted groups
Customer groups
Marketing tools
Marketing surveys
Tools for measuring, for example Boston matrix

Zh Consulting believes it is essential that the course is especially tailored for each institution, so it will always include a preliminary session for her to learn about your library structure

Course 1

• What is the difference between a library and a commercial company (some of the above mentioned types)
• Different kinds of marketing
• Internal and external marketing - differences and similarities. Concrete examples (exercise)
• Costs - how can we justify the costs?
• Are we exploiting all our resources?
• Who else can we interest and involve so that they will help us?
• Different forum for marketing
• Mapping of the customers and statistics. What do we already have?
• What do we need?
• Exercises

Course 2

• Reports on all the new ideas which have developed through the months between the first and second seminar
• Discussion and selection together with all attendees
• Concrete steps for next half year budget
• Concrete steps for next full year budget

Expected results:

Extend the number of your library users
Extend understanding and knowledge about marketing
Extend insight into how your institution functions
Concrete tips and advice based on these two days experience of the individual library